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I’m still wearing the ring that you gave

This was the last ‘promise’ the two of us made

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15 February
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Your name is KAMERA.

You prefer to spend your days inside unless it's a perfect 22 DEGREES CELSIUS SPRING DAY. Otherwise you can be found inside DRAWING, DOING NAIL-ART or BEING ON YOUR COMPUTER you not-so-creatively have called FERRARICHAN. Your sense of style is great, at least according to you. You are half-Asian and half-Norwegian and proud of it. At least most of the time. You are currently on an EXCHANGE in JAPAN. At home you're majoring in art and basic studies, but you plan to change that next year because you have realized that your real passion is LANGUAGES.


You enjoy MUSIC, ART and CULTURE the most and you really like learning something new from it every day. If it comes to sports you like to do, it's VOLLEYBALL and TENNIS; but you also enjoy to watch various sports like HANDBALL and FOOTBALL, like most Norwegian stereotypes. You really really really really like shopping and fashion too. And as your implies; TAKING PICTURES is one of your hobbies.

You prefer MANGA compared to ANIME, because you feel like the anime pretty much ruins the manga. Except for CODE GEASS. You enjoy mangas like EYESHIELD 21, ONE PIECE, PRINCE OF TENNIS, OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB, NABARI NO OU, DOGS: BULLETS AND CARNAGE, AXIS POWERS HETALIA, DURARARA!! and KIMI NI TODOKE.


♥ I'm SHIZUO HEIWAJIMA and NILL at sortinghat_rp

♥ I was stamped as JAPAN at hetalia_rate

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Social capital

  • less than 10